Avastin | Promising Drug in Untreated Ovarian Cancer

RedTracker| Ovarian cancer is among the deadliest of cancers, striking about 22, 000 American women each year. Treating ovarian cancer has been highly difficult, which is why oncologists and women alike are pleased with the first study of Avarian’s use in ovarian cancer.

Some oncologists have moved already to use Avastin without testing, based on its success in halting the progress of lung, color and breast tumors. In the new study of 1,873 women with previously untreated ovarian cancer that had metastasized to the stomach and other organs, the group receiving a combination of Avastin and chemotherapy resulted in 14.1 months before the tumors progressed, compared to 10.3 months in the conventional chemo-only group.

The study will continue, but Roche will seek FDA approval for reimbursement of Avastin by insurance companies. The study was funded by Roche but overseen by the National Cancer Institute.