Aurora Councilwoman Ties Bikini-Delivered Coffee to Rape

Body | Beauty | Culture Let us be clear: we’re not advocates of pornography, especially the graphic, gross manifestations of women on hard-core websites like Bang Bros. Nor are we thrilled with restaurants like Hooter’s, which is why Anne once tipped a Hooter’s bartender $50 and told her to get an MBA. 

However, when Aurora, Colo city councilor Molly Markert calls for a boycott of Perky Cups, arguing that its waitresses risk “rape and murder” by soliciting business on the street, she has no proof of her assertions — which are blatantly false.

In fact, there’s a reverse correlation between pornography on the Internet, that disgusting secular culture that the Vatican also condemns and rape and other violence crime against women.

All crime statistics by state document the reality that as states make sexual imagery more available, violent crime — specifically rape — goes down.  Violent crime has decreased generally in the US, but violent crimes against women have declined at a faster rate, and fastest of all in those states that have created easier access to photo os sexy women.

The tacky world of man’s relationship with female sexuality is not a pleasant reality of life, but it’s true. We reject public officials and politicians who make up false stories to advance myths now scientifically disproven such as sexy secular culture promotes rape. In America, this is not factually correct. Read on at Reason Magazine