At least 10 Free Gaza Blockade Aid Runners Killed By Israelis

Love | Peace Israel has again plunged into diplomatic crisis as violence has subsumed the aid convoy headed for Gaza. (See yesterday’s post). 

The United Nations’ human rights chief Navi Pillay said she was “shocked” at the violence, which some reports say killed as many as 19, many of them Turks, while the European Union demanded a full inquiry from Tel-Aviv.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has cut short his trip to Canada, and tomorrow’s meeting with President Obama, and returned home. ABC News reports the convoy was led by a Turkish vessel with 600 people on board. The Turkish government says it will call an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. We’re reading, too.  Here’s the Free Gaza website. 

At Least 10 Are Killed as Israel Halts Flotilla with Gaza Aid NYTimes