As She Recovers, Arizona Dems Ask: Will Giffords Run for Senate?

Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona in Oct. 2010. Joshua Lott for New York TimesRedTracker| Her backers say one step at a time. Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona must recover first, and she is expected to appear in Houston in April when her husbands lifts off into space. Gabby Giffords is still focused on relearning basic tasks of everyday living.

Privately, reports the NYTimes, a dream vision is growing, that moderate Democrat Giffords will not only recover but will want to wage the good fight for Republican Senator Jon Kyl’s Senate seat next year.

Rep Giffords is not available to stay in the public eye or even raise her profile, but her staff is full steam ahead, even holding a fundraiser for her on March 15 in Washington.

There is no looming deadline for the Senate race, which is more than a year and a half away, but running as a Democrat is no easy task in Arizona, so time is an asset. Mr. Kyl announced his decision to retire on Feb. 10, and Representative Jeff Flake, a Republican, jumped into the race four days later. As Mr. Flake piles up endorsements, raises money and awaits Republican primary challengers, including the expected entrance of Representative Trent Franks, Democrats are in a holding pattern.