As Sara, Not David, Buechner's Artistic Talent Soars

IN STAGES Sara Davis Buechner, who used to be David Buechner, and now lives in Vancouver. ArtTracker| Wriitng a story last night about the NBC-banished, superstar TV reporter Ashleigh Banfield, whose career almost went the way of the World Trade Center for her objective reporting on America’s war efforts, we have another story about a woman determined to reach her full potential.

In September 1998, David Buechner, then 39, a prominent classical pianist, accepted his transgender status, announcing that forevermore, she would live and perform as Sara Davis Buechner. Going against everyone’s wishes, Sara has survived and is flourishing, although her journey has been extraordinarily difficult.

A nice sidebar to the NYTimes story Generation B Anything He Can Do, She Can Do is the fact that it was Beuchner’s friend from Julliard, now a housewife with four kids in Scarsdale, who brought Beuchner’s career back to life, as her genius lay wasted on a heap of American social conventions.

On Nov. 11, she celebrated the 25th anniversary of her New York City debut by playing in Merkin Concert Hall, still 10 blocks from Carnegie Hall, but a joyous night. The 440-seat hall was full; the audience gave her numerous standing ovations. Her parents traveled from Baltimore, her brother from Kansas. They’ve all long since accepted Sara, happy that she’s happy. Her mother said she was advised to take a firm stand against Sara by a prominent therapist so as not to encourage the switch, but now regrets it. “Sometimes you think you know more than your children, but you don’t,” she said. via NYTimes

Please note the correction I made from Sara’s child to student: Notably, one of Ms. Buechner’s students is now Al. He made the change at age 14. Anne

Sara David Buechner/Taku: Poulenc Variations