As Israel Deports Activists, the MV Rachel Corrie With Nobel Laureate On Board Prepares for Face Down

Nobel laureate Malread MaguireLove | Peace There is human traffic in and out of Israel today, as the MV Rachel Corrie, named for a young American woman killed by an Israeli bulldozer demolishing homes in Gaza, prepares to head for Gaza. Her companion ship Challenger II, a small boat has suffered a technical malfunction. 

On board the MV Rachel Corrie are Nobel Prize laureate Mairead Maguire and former UN assistant secretary general Denis Halliday.

Israel has begun deporting many of the activists, including women and children. The Israelis would have us believe that only terrorists are on board these boats. Reality is that even babies are traveling in this protest — which may not stop.

Updates are on Free Gaza website. Watch one of the organizers on PBS News Hour.