Arqueologia Focuses on Sexuality in Mesoamerica

Body|Beauty|Culture ArtDaily reports on the latest issue of Arqueologia Mexicana dedicated to Sexuality in Mesoamerica, with a focus on sexuality in the great Mayan culture, before the Spanish colonists arrived.

Before God’s chosen people, the Spainards came to civilize the Mayan people, “pleasure was perceived as a divine gift such as food, joy, vital force and daily rest. It was a question of moderating the enjoyment of that gift as well as the other presents given by deities”.

We’re eager to have the text translated, because the premise of Anne of Carversville is that pleasure is fundamental to human life and wellbeing.

Mayan culture is particularly important because orthodoxy and fundamentalism suggest that pleasure is uncivilizing and an obstacle to human development. The triumph of Mayan civilization thrived after monotheism and Aristotle, reaching its apex about 250-900 AD. The outstanding accomplishments of Mayan civilization stand in direct opposition to the assumptions that sensory pleasure is uncivilizing.