Argentinian Teens & Friends Around the Globe: The Brand Called Me

GlobeTracker| The Christian Science Monitor takes a look at Argentinian ‘floggers’, typically teens 10-18 with time on their hands.

CSM is writing about life in Argentinia, but the critical question concerns how pervasive this trend is, and the impact on floggers as young adult. Beyond themselves, do they care?

With all the talk of Cultural Creatives and emerging new values, what are the implications of ideals and positive action for teens in the land of Che Guevara and beyond?

According to Marcelo Urresti, a sociologist at the University of Buenos Aires, three things define kids in Argentina: the ascendancy of communications technology, the cult of celebrity, and the emergence of a “” mentality.

Agustina Vivero, right, known as Cumbio, posed with a fan at a shopping mall in Buenos Aires; photo via NYTimesThe queen bee among Argentinian floggers is Cumbio, featured in the NYTimes, March 2009. Read also: In Argentina, a Camera and a Blog Make a Star.