Aretha Franklin Is Battling Pancreatic Cancer, Says Daily Mail UK

RoseTracker| We read that Aretha Franklin is battling pancreatic cancer. We weep, because of the mortality rates associated with this deadly disease. And we stand firm in our willingness to not be politically correct in stressing the importance of all women maintaining a healthy weight and BMI.

Of course there is no scientific guarantee that Aretha Franklin’s disease is associated with her battle with obesity and all of its medical complications that Aretha has experienced. Statistically there are exceptions to every health condition. But we have been nervous for a long time over Aretha Franklin’s weight, fearful that such a spectacular woman could leave this earth way ahead of schedule.

Let Beth Ditto and Jezebel continue to argue that women should eat as much as they want, that fat-phobia is a greater problem than a scientific and humanistic concern about obesity and its toll on our human health, especially among women we love. via Daily Mail

Aretha Franklin’s having pancreatic cancer is about the worst news we could have today. We pray for miracles. Anne