Are We Blind to a Dangerous Political Landscape?

I just posted, without comment, New York Magazine’s article “Who Is Barack Obama?” over at Michelle-Style.I also added the category “haters”, along side “yes we can”.

If you’re not a Glenn Beck fan — and I’m not — you might not understand just how deep the tensions are running among people fearful and unhappy with the Obama administration.

Hey — I’m a middle-class Eastern liberal — and I’m not so happy either. The New York Magazine “Who Is Barack Obama?”  story is quite distressing and puts Nancy Pelosi’s comments this week into a more relevant perspective.

Reading this article causes concern in my mind for Senator Olympia Snowe, if she supports the Democrats on health care. Senator Snowe is an amazingly corageous woman, and I would hate to have anything happen to her.

If she sides with the Democrats on health care, she will perhaps need an armed guard at her side.

We have a lot of crazy people in America. When women are hysterical on television, wailing that President Obama intends to make a school address that indoctrinates children’s minds (done by numerous presidents before him), rational minds aren’t ruling the roost.

I wan’t thrilled to read that much of the anti-Obama rhetoric — even the birther issue —  was launched by unhappy Clinton supporters. I, too, was for Hillary. Depressed that she lost her bid, I would never turn my disappointment against President Obama.

Having written these words, I truly am sensitive to the plight of the ‘little’ people in this country.There are so many of us.

My rich friends are sailing ahead in America, even sponsoring my own journalistic talents in the future. I honestly don’t know what will happen to workers in America, the way we’re going.

Simply stated, we are all disposable now in America, unless we’re very clever at creating a new course forward. That’s hopefully my case — probably being one of the lucky ones. As for the rest of us, I have grave concerns.

In a capitalist society, when we don’t make anything at all anymore … when all we do is consume, it seems that this is just another roll of the dice, waiting to go bust. Simply stated, no matter how hard I try, I do not understand American economics.

Not to worry. I can get an education from the best of them. He’ll explain everything to me. Anne