Are Kindergarten-Admissions Tests Worthless?

RedTracker| It’s possible that children nowhere in the world are as special as those born to successful parents in New York. And not so-successful, too.

Theoretically schol admissions tests are a meritocracy. A child who doesn’t score in the top 3 percent of a single test — the  Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales — at age 4 doesn’t stand a chance of being ‘vaulted’ into one of New York’s prestigious private or very selective public schools.

If a kid makes the grade, the big brass doors of Manhattan open wide, setting her or him on a successful life path. Yet, researchers know that one test given before age 5 is not a predictor of talent and life success.

The parents are deeply involved in coaching kids for winning these golden placements. Call it the family business. New York Magazine writes an in-depth feature on why kindergarten-admission tests are worthless, at best.