Apple's Renovation of Chicago Train Station Gets High Praise

HopeTracker| Ayn Rand believers probably love Apple’s strategically-funded overhaul of a broken-down Chicago subway station. Cities from New York to San Jose are waving their arms in the air, shouting ‘me, too’.

The San Jose Mercury News article is particularly interesting from a marketing and branding standpoint. After all, Apple is known for delivering a total customer experience, one that doesn’t start at the front door.

Based on accounts from Chicagoans on blogs and in the local press, the investment is already paying off. The station, which once consisted of a weary brick entrance building sporting peeling paint and the distinctive odor of urine, now boasts clean bricks, big windows and a thoroughly scrubbed interior that has been painted and plastered with ads for all things Apple.

On that note, Anne is off to buy her sixth Mac laptop today. In fact, we think Apple should step up to the plate for Anne of Carversville as well. In a world where no company is perfect, Apple ranks pretty damn high on our list.

This is another example of Smart Sensuality thinking in oru real world. Anne has officially asked that Victoria’s Secret give up its diamond bras, donating the gems to a microfinance fund for American women.

A few years ago, Limited Brands chairman Les Wexner said the Apple and Victoria’s Secret were kissing cousins. Anne disagrees and explains why in Victoria’s Secret Is NOT the Apple Brand. But if Wexner really believes in the kinship between Apple and VS, he should be even more interested in her proposal, currently one of our top 15 Reads: Dear Victoria’s Secret | We Need ‘Runaway’ Phoenix Wings.

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