Anti-Growth Hormone Delivers Positive Results As Anti-Aging Agent in Mice

RoseTRacker| A small but highly relevant study on mice engineered for longevity research shows that counterintuitive as it sounds, a compound MZ-5-156, ‘a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) antagonist can reverse the signs of aging.

This study by John E. Morley, MD at Saint Louis University School of Medicine suggests that taking growth hormone in middle age can be hazardous.

Overall, the researchers found that MZ-5-156 had positive effects on oxidative stress in the brain, improving cognition, telomerase activity (the actions of an enzyme which protects DNA material) and life span, while decreasing tumor activity.

MZ-5-156, like many GHRH antagonists, inhibited several human cancers, including prostate, breast, brain and lung cancers. It also had positive effects on learning, and is linked to improvements in short-term memory. The antioxidant actions led to less oxidative stress, reversing cognitive impairment in the aging mouse. via Science Daily

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