Anne of Carversville's Sensual and Superyoung Channel

Body | Beauty | Culture Emily DoDonato’s photos in Elle France, shot by Ricardo Tinelli, create the perfect moment for us to tell you about our new literary trip to the south of France, making our way up to Portofino and the land of “la dolce vita”.

We have major changes on AOC. The biggest ones involve pulling all sexuality research from Sensuality News and installing it in our new Sensual and Superyoung channel, created to support Anne’s 2005 manuscript now called “Sensuality and Superyoung”.

All sexy and sensuality talk and science — except for the quick hit research reporting in our Daily News channel — are now in Sensual and Superyoung. Here’s the lineup waiting for you:

Sensual and Superyoung

In our new lineup you will find me — Anne —  in third person:

Sensual Health | scientific articles about sexuality, sensual aging, and even Martha Stewart’s food fantasies 

Sensual Vitality Blog | quickies that track Anne’s view of new research and cultural news about sensuality

Sensual and Superyoung | the book, a work in process

Love Food | sometimes called aphrodisiacs, we’re building a scientific list of the key sensual wellness benefits of eating nature’s bounty and avoiding fast food on every street corner

Love Food Recipes | Only healthy, sensually-nourishing, libido-enhancing recipes from the world’s best chefs and kitchen-bloggers. 

Bad News Food |  confronting food facts is another key part of our food science approach to vitality, sensual wellness and being Superyoung.  No political correctness allowed. This is science.

Anne’s Original Journal | She’s back!!! Now scattered throughout the pages of Anne of Carversville, we’ve pulled Anne’s soul and psyche back together, when the topic is her own road to self-actualization.

Readers have asked for Anne to be put back together in one piece. We responded with promises that she will fill in more life blanks going forward.