Anne of Carversville's Global Audience Embraces Key Women's Issues

Preparing for a sponsor pitch, Anne is compiling a comparative view of Anne of Carversville (also Sensuality News) and key digital resources like the New York Times, WSJ, The Atlantic and Fashion Gone Rogue. In terms of audience, we are the most global in the group of about 15, with an unusually strong following in Africa and the Middle East, as well as Europe.

As one reader told Anne this week: “Dear Anne, I think your musings are very insightful, and while I am basically to the right of Attila, I really enjoy your perspective and the unusual amount of logic in your writing.”

Anne’s willingness to tackle tough subjects with honesty and fairness is appreciated by thinking people of every political view. We updated a key article of Anne’s, one that captures most of the key intellectual issues here at Anne of Carversville. Read on: Drawing a Line in Lubna’s Sand, Saying ‘No More’ to the Growing, Global Erosion of Women’s Rights in the Name of Any Man’s Religion.