Anne Hathaway | Mario Testino | US Vogue November 2010

Anne Hathaway and Mario Testino Star in Great Gatsby, US Vogue Celebration of America’s Upper Class

Dots| Today isn’t the first time we’ve admitted being totally confounded with a US Vogue fashion editorial. Anna Wintour is committed to inspiring Americans to get back in the game of spending, at a time when most Americans are truly nervous about the future of the country.

We grant Wintour that it’s a thankless job and somebody’s got to do it. But we’re left with a bad taste in our brains after seeing Anne Hathaway’s photos, lensed by Mario Testino for the November 2010 issue.

Google then brought us to Anna’s current philanthropy stint with the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony campaign, which may be the biggest philanthropic luxury brand, marketing campaign we’re ever seen. The Donald couldn’t trump this branding for breast cancer initiative.

If you liked “The Great Gatsby”, come on down because Fitzgerald couldn’t do a better job on selling the little people on the American dream of wealth and privilege, deep recession style … that is if you still believe it. Read on in Trends.