Ann Coulter Calls Canada's Human Rights Commission 'Horseshit'

HopeTracker| Conservative political commentator and writer Ann Coulter canceled an appearance at the University of Ottawa Tues. night, setting off a debate over freedom of speech in Canada.

Coulter herself has a message for Canadians: “You guys used to be so cool. You were smokers. You had epic hockey fights. We had half our comedians from Canada. Now you’re all a bunch of girls named Francois.”

Coulter has hired Conservative activist Ezra Levant to prepare a human-rights complaint that she is the victim of a hate crime under Canadian laws.

The tribunal should take her complaint seriously, she said, “because either Francois [Houle] has created a climate of hate against me based on my membership in an identifiable group – or the whole human rights commission is complete horseshit.” via The Globe and Mail

Coulter was scheduled to speak about “political correctness, media bias and freedom of speech”, but a large and unfriendly crowd outside the lecture hall caused the cancellation.

During an appearance Monday at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, a female Muslim student noted that Ms. Coulter had once said that Muslims should be banned from airplanes and should use flying carpets instead. via NYTimes

Ms. Coulter responded by telling the student that she could “take a camel.”

“Many people disagree with a lot of things Ann Coulter has to say – I was one of them. But I was looking forward to going out there and doing this the Canadian way and debating it in an appropriate manner.” says University of Ottawa student David Piccini, who referred to the situation as an embarrassment to his school. via CTV Ottawa

The head of the university’s student association was fine with the Coulter cancellation.

“I know this is a difficult debate and it’s not a black and white issue, but Ann Coulter constantly and consistently doesn’t just go into the realm of free speech, but goes way past it into the realm of hate speech where she condones murder, condones violence and she actually incites that type of behaviour and that’s the type of thing we do not allow in Canada and I’m proud we do not allow at the University of Ottawa,” said Seamus Wolfe. via CTV Ottawa