Animal and Plant Hybrids Thrive Beyond Human, Moral Behavior Borders

Photo via NYTimes, half zebra and half horseGreenTracker| The birth of a wholphin, half whale and half dolphin, doesn’t represent a breakdown of the moral order of the animal kingdom, says the New York Times. (Note: is our irreverent but scientific AOC writing style a sign of the new Times?)

Some biologists estimate that 10 percent of animal species and up to 25 percent of plant species breed beyond their own species. Are these hybrid species genetically superior? Perhaps more adaptable to current environments?

Wired magazine also reminds us that plant and animal species also cross-breed, creating new creatures. Scientists now dig deeply into this sexy investigation about Mother Nature’s tendency to stray beyond the rigid borders of ‘appropriate’ reproductive habits in her populations.

We assure readers this is not a scientific phenomenon connected to the Obama Administration or resulting from the breakdown of international moral orders, triggered by Woodstock in the early 1970s or drug addiction in America. Mother Nature has mixed up her evolutionary stew for millions of years.

The slug Elysia chlorotica is a DNA composite part animal and part plant