America's Serious Lag In Internet Bandwidth

Countries in red have Internet bandwidth faster than US.HopeTracker| America lags Canada, Scandinavia, South Korea and yes — Slovakia. We may be the country that invented the Internet, but 17 countries — the ones in red on CNN’s global connection speeds map — are much faster than America.

South Korea’s Internet bandwidth is much faster than America’s, and significantly less expensive. Internet speeds can highly impact a country’s economic productivity.

On a personal note, even though we’re on the high-speed, affordable connections in New York, we’re always complaining about the speed of the US broadband. We could double our postings — not with more people — but with more productive Inernet bandwith.

President Obama has declared America’s bandwidth problem a national one. I can hear Republicans screaming that this is another government takeover. We must protect ‘granny’ before worrying about the nation’s future.

Reality is that America’s bandwith is owned by a couple big companies who have no interest in investing in faster bandwith, without our being willing to pay a lot more money.

Other countries of the world are 95% connected to the Internet, but America is only 65% online.

The bandwidth problem is another example of Americans not being willing to invest in our competitive future. We ‘rock on’ saying America invented the Internet and we’re top dog, and never acknowledging how badly we’re falling behind.

Usually it’s the Scandinavian countries that are analyzed, in terms of Internet development. CNN takes an in-depth look at South Korea. Good read!