America's Kids Less Stable in our Marrying Culture than Sweden's Partnership Families

America continues to be a marrying nation. Our views on the sanctity of marriage run the opposite of our opposition to pornography. The problem is that when one studies the facts, the most conservative states in America have the highest subscription rates of porn.

Americans love marriage but frequent divorce makes for unstable familiesSimilarly, America embraces marriage fervently, unlike our Euro cousins who are trending solidly towards cohabitation and domestic partnerships, even with children.

In his new book The Marriage-Go-Round, Johns Hopkins sociologist Andrew Cherlin reminds us that becuase we rack up multiple marriages moreso than any other developed country, American kids are more likely than those in other developed countries to live in a household with a revolving cast of parents.

Cherlin says he was particularly stunned to discover that American kids born to married couples experienced 6 percent more household disruption by age 15 than Swedish kids born to unmarried parents. Experts predicted that the study would find exactly the opposite, since research has long shown that cohabiting relationships are more fragile than married ones. “Remember, we’re talking about the ‘avant-garde’ Swedes compared to the ‘conservative’ Americans,” Cherlin says. When researchers broadened the categories, they were further surprised to find that American families were less stable: 40 percent of American children born into a two-parent family experienced a parental breakup by age 15, compared with 30 percent of Swedish kids. And American kids are 47 percent more likely than Swedish kids to have a stepparent move into their home within three years of a divorce. via Newsweek

 Andrew Cherlin says America’s marriage-to-round is particularly hard on our children