America's Future Abortion Rights Are In the Hands of Young Women, but Grandma's Waiting for Their Calls

RedTracker| Call me shaken to the core by the push I witnessed by Catholic men to further take over the bodies of Catholic women — actually all American women of every religion — in their move to embrace principles higher than America’s supreme court and our legal system.

Twenty-seven percent of all abortions in America are had by Catholic women, compared to Catholics being 24% of the American population, based on current research. Only 26% of Catholic men go to church every week, which is a disgrace given their lectures to women about morality.

Will larger numbers of American women stop taking their abortion rights for granted? We don’t know. It’s up to the young women to decide what they want in America. Our country becomes more conservative on women’s rights, as the rest of the world moves forward. Any serious push on Roe vs Wade will come from 70s and 60s feminists joining forces with our college-age grand daughters. This is the lineup I see.

I feel as if we somehow lost a generation of American women in this fight for equality and women’s rights. Read on: After a Near Miss on Abortion Rights, Activism Is Required.