America's Drone Mishaps Under Attack As Acts of Terrorism

Love | Peace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has left Pakistan in a week that I describe as: Secy Clinton Lives & Gives a Reality Check in Pakistan.

The NYTimes just posted an article Clinton End Visit as the Focus of Pakistani Barbs. Indeed, it was a challenging week for Secy Clinton, with both sides making valid points. A speciallyy organized presentation with women didn’t go so well.

The women’s main focus wasn’t women’s rights or women’s progress but security generally in the country. A growing theme I discuss in my overview is the challenge that American drone attacks are the equivalent of terrorist attacks.

More than one woman confronted Clinton on the subject of drone attacks that kill innocent civilians. A general sentiment (also expressed to me in chat rooms) is why so many people must die in the Middle East and Asia, so that America doesn’t have another Sept. 11.

The question is a fair one. Many educated people in Pakistan and elsewhere feel they should be left to deal with the Taliban or al-Qaeda in their own way, without ‘American interference’. The question in their minds is why are American lives more valuable than their own. And the answer is? Anne