Americans Taste the Sweet Life with Sweepstakes

HopeTracker| The first sweepstakes dates back to the 1770s to France. As a rebellious populism gained influence in France and famine swept the land, a French academy offered a prize to anyone who could find a solution to contain it. Even back then the French were high-minded, pursuing ideas over possessions.

In America our relationship with sweepstakes has been more business-driven. Willing to share information about ourselves in order to win the trip to Las Vegas, we endure junk mail and full up spam folders in pursuit of the big bonanza.

With viral marketing, Americans are more engaged with sweepstakes than ever. Not only do growing numbers of Americans enter sweepstakes, as a balance to falling incomes and more time on our hands. Books and conventions are evolving, too, to make us experts at sweeping, the name for America’s latest get-rich scheme. via WSJ Free Cars! Cash Prizes! Just Ask Contest Pros.