American Women On The Offensive with Shiny Suds

Body Politics| The particulars of this Shiny Soap story remind me of my experience with airport security over Thanksgiving. In the case of Shiny Soap, apparently enough women in America found the commercial lascivious and dangerous to women to prompt a pullout.

You are watching irrational, unfettered political correctedness in action, thanks to a tip from my very good buddy Dave.

While I am essentially a pacifist, I dedicate this story to our men and women in Afghanistan. They must have a hootenanny reading this nonsense. If the military isn’t your bag, then how about the child brides of Yemen or women who must wear burqas with no sayso. Read Shiny Suds Terrorize American Women.

Do send me please these crazy stories when you find them. My corset story was quite a hit recently. Enjoy. Anne

Anne Is Mistaken for a Corset Terrorist