American Ballet Theatre's Artistic Curtain Call

Elle US February | Natasa Vojnovic photographed with dancers from American Ballet TheatreAmerican Ballet Theatre is in the news, marking fashion editorial territory in Elle US, February 2010 issue with Natasa Vojnovic, photographed by Carter Smith in “Curtain Call”. More photos Fashion Gone Rogue

Natasa Vojnovic by Carter Smith for Elle US Feb. 2010Sokvannara Sar and Anne Bass at the SanDiego Asian Film Festival via W MagW Magazine’s Society column features philanthropist Anne Bass’s first documentary film “Dancing Across Borders”, the story of her efforts to bring Cambodian dancer Sokvannara (Sy) Sar to the US.

“Dancing Across Borders” unravels as a socio-political-cultural snapshot of the chellenges of Sy’s integration into School of American Ballet (SAB) culture and the place of dance in his homeland of Cambodia.

Jill Campbell, Associate Producer of “Dancing Across Borders” directs us to the film’s gorgeous, informative, frankly fabulous website.

In today’s powerpoint, bullet-point world, Anne Bass and the entire ‘Dancing Across Borders’ team have produced a creative visual narrative that tells a powerful, international story of global interconnectedness and rich cultures. Enjoy clips of the film on the website. Here’s the screening schedule.

I’ll write a followup feature on “Dancing Across Borders” shortly. Read Bass | Sar’s Two Step in ‘Dancing Across Borders’ Anne