America Is Political Correctness Gone Mad

Anne’s ‘Dots’ | The Root writes today Was Harry Reid Right?

There are many reasons not to watch TV, and manufacturing news stories is at the top of the list.

The persistent attention all weekend to Harry Reid’s comment about President Obama was one of the most blatant examples of the media trying to create a story that I’ve seen in years.

By the time CNN is finished with us, the races will never get together. If you didn’t think Reid’s comment was a problem on Friday, CNN had us convinced by Sunday that this was the worst political racism in the 21st century.

If I’m not mistaken, NBC News led with the remark also. This morning’s Politico’s headline is Dems launch defense to save Reid.

This country is so politically correct these days, it’s nauseating. What Harry Reid said is correct, and I don’t find it racist at all. It’s true for heaven’s sake. Since when is telling the truth, especially by a political insider making a ‘private’ strategic political comment, racist or sexist or classist or … ?

Political Electability Matters

Years ago I ran a one-woman campaign to stop the New York’s Off Track Betting association from taking over the old Village Voice office on University and 11th St. in Greenwich Village. In a couple days I collected 5000 signatures against the OTB lease and had NBC News on the spot.

I suppose I would be called something very bad, for not wanting OTB lovers — who tend to congregate outside all day — on University, one of the few low-traffic, Euro-like streets left in Manhattan. This was New York in the 70s, when five people might ask you for money, walking a single block in the city. Panhandlers were everywhere and they were aggressive. 

There was a big empty space on 14th street, three blocks away, and I wanted the OTB office there, which was the final outcome.

Immediately, I heard from the Village Democrats about running for office. I said “Sorry, I’m not electable.” The Dems tried to convince me otherwise, but I’m enough of a realist to understand that I’m not electable as a political candidate, given my stands on women’s rights.

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