America Is One of Four Nations Without Paid Vacations. Our Partners: Guyanas, Nepal and Myanmar

HopeTracker| The United States is the only nation other than the Guyanas, Nepal, and Myanmar without a paid-vacation law. Thirty percent of Americans don’t get paid vacation; half of us get one week or less.

Does this mean that Iran, Sudan, Pakistan, Uruguary, Russia — all the countries of the world get paid vacation time but Americans and our couple lonely friends like Myanmar?

Now I know that we’re behind the Europeans in terms of time off, but the above statement dumbfounds me.

Trying to convince the nation that we should join the rest of the world in lowering stress levels and smelling the roses, America’s first Vacation Summit was hosted in Seattle, earlier in August.

On May 21, Alan Grayson introduced the Paid Vacation Act, or H.R. 2564. Details of the proposed bill are at Seattle Intelligence. Trust me on this one: America will not become a nation of slackers with the passage of this bill. Anne

I’m reading this article in Yes magazine: No Vacation Nation by John de Graaf