All Cameras Focus on Senator No. 60: Olympia Snowe

RedTracker| Did Oympia scowl? Did the 62-year-old senior senator from Maine clap? Did she smile or nod her head?

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe brings governance and responsibility to the health-care debateBloomberg News doesn’t mess around in the headline: Obama Targets Snowe for Bipartisan Backing on Heath-Care Plan.

After the speech, Snowe said she would have “preferred” that the president reject a government-run plan to compete with private insurers. (via Bloomberg) But she was pleased to hear talk of the “trigger” that ignites the plan, only if private insurers don’t offer coverage to all Americans.

The NYTimes writes that the cameras were so focused on Senator Snowe that “it looked a little like a Washington version of a Fox reality show — “So You Think You Can Cross Party Lines.”

FYI, Fox News did not cover the president’s health care speech, choosing instead a show “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Photo via AP: Health care effort could depend on Maine’s Snowe

RedTracker: Olympia J. Snowe: Senator No. 60

Note from Anne: I’ve always considered Senator Snowe to be an excellent example of the kinds of people we need in government. Now her name Olympia means even more to me. I will profile her soon, so that we learn more about the woman who holds the keys to America’s health-care future.