Algae Effective In Purifying Manure of Nitrogen | Phosphorous

manure drinking waterGreenTracker| Algae is becoming such ‘hot stuff’, it could be forgiven for getting an attitude and sense of self-importance. Not only are green businesses racking their brains out for more efficient ways to convert algae into biofuels, but not the green stuff advances as a major player in improving water quality.

This is not Red Carpet news, but our darling green algae could go to work immediately as an au naturel modified ‘pooper scooper’ of sorts — not moving the sludge of massive amounts of manure away from unsuspecting stilletos — but purifying manure of nitrogen and phosphorus, a big pollution problem for our drinking water and other environmental problems.

In tests in the Chesapeake Bay, cultivated algae recovered 60-90 percent of the nitrogen and 70-100 percent of the phosphorus from the manure effluents under study. The process was cost effective. Read on at Science Daily.

We just stumbled into another good story on this subject Farmer turned activist fights manure-spreading faults via Detroit Free Press