Alexander McQueen | The Man Who Truly Loved Women

Trend Dots| When I wrote last night that I’m nervous of artists who make women look ethereal, and especially veil us, I had no idea that I would be sharing such sad news that one of the most talented people in fashion has committed suicide.

British designer Alexander McQueen, a man who honored women, is dead.

The fashion industry is known for gushing to and fro about every little bauble invented by personkind. In this case the tributes will be deserved. We have lost one of our most talented designers, a man both in awe of and devoted to celebrating woman as goddess creatures.

The details of McQueen’s death appear reasonably clear. The 40-year-old designer was mourning the loss of his mother, who died on Feb. 2. The London Times reports that he told his followers on Twitter that he was finding it very difficult to accept her death.

In addition, McQueen’s friend and mentor Isabella Blow committed suicide three years ago by drinking weedkiller.

In an industry short on great intellectual talent, Alexander McQueen is a huge loss. Let us pray that his soul and spirit are where they belong and that he is at peace. Anne

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