Ageless Fabulosity | (Dr.) Alex B Interviewed By Dr. Carla Johnson

Ageless Fabulosity | (Dr.) Alex B Interviewed by Dr. Carla Johnson Anne of Carversville

Body | Beauty | Culture Enjoy the part 2 interview in our new series Ageless Fabulosity. Today the tables are turned with Alex B sharing the details of her life journey into her Sensual and Superyoung state of vitality and self-love.

We will be publishing more images and commentary from both Alex and Carla all week and into the future. Anne isn’t letting these two articulate and sensual gems out of her Ageless Fabulosity sight.

Anne of Carversville is enormously pleased to publish on Sensuality News a provocative, brilliantly beautiful set of images of Dr. Johnson and her friend Elijah. Anne feels compelled to point out the Dr. Carla Johnson is in her sixth decade of life and still morphing into exciting new transformations of body and being.

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