Afghan General Says Former Foes Now Brothers

Love Peace | The Afghanistan National Army’s chief of staff, Gen. Bismullah Khan Mohammadi previously fought hard against American values and style of fighting a war. Like so many of the newly-created leaders of the ANA, the officers of ANA army were foes of the US two decades ago.

Numbering just over 100,000 soldiers, the ANA is slated to grow to 172,000 by the autumn of 2011. Turning it into a serious fighting force is a priority for the Obama administration—offering the only exit strategy for the U.S.-led coalition as Western public opinion sours on the Afghan war.

It isn’t the case that the Afghan commanders have suddenly come to embrace American values.

“We’ve opened a new page in our history,” proclaimed Gen Mohammadi. “Whoever comes in and aims to serve our country is our brother now.” Read on US Enlists Firmer Foes to Lead Afghan Army via Wall Street Journal