ADL Paints Secy Clinton As Not Understanding Reality of Israel | US Relations

Love | Peace It’s Saturday in Israel, so not too much news. We review yesterday’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s phone call to Prime Minister Netanyahu, which the Anti-Defamation League here in the US called a ‘gross overreaction’ to events this week in Israel.

With exploding readers worldwide and many young university women in foreign countries checking in, we take the opportunity to explain that branding Mrs. Clinton’s phone call as a typical, female overreaction is common strategy in gender relations.

Smart Sensuality women do not get offended at this moment. The extremists in the Jewish Boys Club may call her menopausal by Monday, so be prepared.

We sense something very important happening and we must be attentivie, calm, focused and logical. And then we must act.

I’ve not seen a confluence of events like this week’s in a very long time — and perhaps never. I’m not into astrology or Tarot cards either. I’ve been really busy studying the tea leaves — which is what I do best — connecting dots.

What a hand of poker cards came together this week. Anne Read on ADL Calls Clinton’s Call to Bibi ‘Gross Overreaction’.

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