ADI Report Damns Finland's Fur Farms

DesignTracker| Headlines read ‘Fur Is Making a Comback’. We haven’t counted how many designers used fur in New York and London, but there’s buzz around fur — much of it focused on Gilles Mendel, who has reinvented the family firm. See BlackBook interview.

Perception is everything in fashion, so let’s not jump to conclusions about expanded fur use. In London, Twiggy called fashion’s use of fur ‘intolerably cruel’ based on a new report and videos about conditions at certified fur farms in Finland, produced by Animal Defenders International. We will read the report and view the film.

We do note that in the BlackBook glossy of Giles Mendel, there’s not question of any kind about the ethics of using fur or whether Mendel sees people’s values changing to wear fur again.