AddOrDelete Asks 5% of Annual Ad Budgets for Doing Global Good

A new campaign called AddOrDelete is is challenging corporations to reallocate 5% of their annual budgets — or $25 billion —  to global good. It also asks consumers to upload Superbowl ads they find worthless.

“We are asking people who are watching the Super Bowl to look at all those expensive ads with a critical eye,” says Eric Block, managing director at Haberman, the agency that created the campaign. “Ask the question: ‘Is the approximately $3 million dollars being spent on every ad ADDing value or would you rather DELETE it?’”

In an interesting twist, one of the new GoDaddy ads addresses the topic of selling sex instead of the brand itself.  We see this as pure coincidence, but who knows if the ad is a response to the new AddOrDelete campaign.

One of Two GoDaddy Super Bowl Ads

Our own Anne of Carversville platform of “Smart Sensuality People with Heart” addresses the trend of evaluating a brand’s philanthropic initiatives and advertising messages before bestowing long term brand love.

An excellent example of a Smart Sensuality brand is Gucci:

Gucci’s Deep Commitment to Women in Need AOC Dots