Acts of Kindness Spread Easily When a Few Ignite the Process

RedTracker| Some of our most vivid scenes are of lawlessness and looting, out-of-control ‘bad acts’. Yet a handful of individuals can make a huge difference in spreading acts of kindness, generosity and cooperation.

The research was conducted by James Fowler, associate professor at UC San Diego in the Department of Political Science and Calit2’s Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems, and Nicholas Christakis of Harvard, who is professor of sociology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and professor of medicine and medical sociology at Harvard Medical School. Fowler and Christakis are coauthors of the recently published book “Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives.”

The research is important because it contradicts at least some thinking about how ‘bad’ humans are, arguing instead that we don’t necessarily go back to our ‘selfish selves’. More work than ever is being done in the scientific community to study the evolution of cooperation and behavior — not only in humans but animals, too.

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