A World Still Stalked By Mosquitos & Malaria

GivingTracker| Bill Gates announced in 2007 its intention to wipe malaria off the fact of the earth. This wasn’t the first time that the world mobilized against mosquitos, who have so far outwitted the most brilliant and best-intentioned scientists on Earth.

Not governments or big pharma — or the Gates Foundation — has the upper hand with a disease that is responsible for one half of all human deaths since the Stone Age, writes the WSJ. (We assume this statistic doesn’t include old age, natural causes but we’re not clear.)

In an example of an evolving brilliance in writing activist-oriented articles with verve and lots of facts, and a cultural grasp of history and its implications, the Wall Street Journal delivers yet another think piece that’s an informative, compelling eye-opener on the problems of the planet, and indirectly the foibles of Modern man who assumes we can cure them. 

Given that 1 in 14 persons on the planet is carrying the malaria-fighting gene, this article is a must read. The writing is also an example of our belief that in the age of the Internet, good journalism isn’t dead yet. The WSJ is scoring perfectly these days, with vital information, education, a bit of dazzle and perfect length of critical articles. Read on The Tenacious Buzz of Malaria.