A Woman's Natural Scent Is Most Arousing

Psychological scientists make a new case that the most seductive scent may be a woman’s own natural odor, especially when she’s ovulating. This piece of evolutionary science may hold even if fatherhood is the last goal on a man’s mind.

Men smelled T-shirts in a control group and then ones worn by ovulating women. “Men exposed to the scent of an ovulating woman subsequently displayed higher levels of testosterone than did men exposed to the scent of a non-ovulating woman or a control scent,” said authors of the study Saul L. Miller and Jon K. Maner from Florida State University.

Researchers know that testosterone levels in men increase after they interact with an attractive woman or watch an erotic film. This is the first study that has established scent as a stimulus.

“The present research is the first to provide direct evidence that olfactory cues to female ovulation influence biological responses in men,” Miller and Maner added. via TheMedGuru