A Truly Bad Odor Week In Our World

GlobeTracker| It’s a bad news bear day in the world. Not much good to report. Moving away from BP’s failed attempt to use a tower to contain the oil flow, the first tar balls and tar beads are washing up on the white sand beaches of Dauphin Island, off Alabama. Read on in The Guardian.

US Attorney General Eric Holder says on ABC TV’s “This Week” that the Pakistani Taliban was behind the Times Square attempted bombing last week. via Reuters

The NYTimes reports that the US is now wondering if the stepped-up attacks in Pakistan — notably the Predator drone attacks — have made America less safe.

They’re wondering?  We’re not military or terrorism experts, but it’s clear that America will be subject to living like Israel in the future. It was always clear since Sept. 11 — crystal clear. 

To every action, there is a reaction. We believe this is a law of the universe. Try reading Einstein.

We posted separate stories about Brazil building a nuke and Hezbollah saying they’re ready for a big blowout in the Middle East.  Bottom line this week, testosterone rules.

Fisherman in Peru poisoned 20 or more of these beauties — pink Amazon river dophins — so they would stop eating fish.  Read the happy story about this great new photo being captured of these supposedly protected Amazon pink dolphin creatures.

In Peru, the fisherman poisoned these great-looking babes who particularly seek out pregnant women. The species is not endangered throughout South America, but it has protected status in many places.

Closing with the kids in our top photo, the corpse flower bloomed at Western Illinois University has bloomed, releasing a powerful aroma of rotting meat.

“This Titan has never bloomed before,” Hillyer told LiveScience. For the past eight years the plant has been growing vegetatively, only producing a single, umbrella-like leaf, Hillyer explained. “It was the first one I’ve ever been involved with, so it was all new to me.” via CSM

We can’t help wondering if Titan just can’t accept markets crashing with no explanation; nuclear proliferation; war-mongering and killing for Allah, God, Jesus and all the other good guys. Poisoning pink dolphins is the bitter end this week. So we join the kids in pinching our noses.

Ah- a forget here in NYC. It’s our understanding that if the Brit guys can’t get their act together, the Queen will decide. As always, Queen Elizabeth is rock steady. Anne