A Quarter of iPad Users Spend 31 Minutes Weekdays Reading News

FutureTracker| A recent Nielsen survey of 5,000 users of “internet connected devices” suggests that iPad users spend more time per session with news and music than iPhone users.

The survey suggests that 26 percent of iPad users spend 31 minutes or more per weekday session, while only 7 percent of iPhone users spend that much time. Presently 65 percent of iPad users are male. via Future of Media

AOC believes that we will benefit from the growth of the iPad market.

Checking our Alexa.com stats now, our average from all users time per visit is running 40 minutes.

Next we compare time spent per visit on AOC with the New York Times, WSJ, The Daily Beast, and Fashion Gone Rogue.

Back to the Nielsen study on Internet connected devices, advertisers appear to get a better audience on the iPad, which provides better viewing of videos, books, movies and online digital magazines:

Print and video benefit from the iPad’s larger screen size

IPad users are far more receptive to advertising