A Profusion of 'Heartfelt' Male Apologies

RedTracker| TIME magazine’s Belinda Luscombe asks why we’re seeing so many male apologies. Her post reminds us of key gender differences in male and female ‘I did wrongs”, writing that women are more likely than men to apologize when they’re only partially to blame. They even say ‘sorry’ when they’re not at fault, as a way of expressing empathy.

The truth is that women apologize for walking on the right side of the sidewalk, when nearly hit head-on by a man walking towards them on the wrong side. Someone’s gotta give; he assumes she will. She does, adding ‘I’m sorry’. I find the female need to say she’s sorry to be imbedded in her unconscious, and it’s not a pretty picture. As for the guys — read on. Public Apology: From Tiger Woods to Toyota, ‘I’m Sorry’.

Re the Toyota apology, it’s a new standard for a male-centric culture that ties up women in knots, slaughters dolphins and disembowls itself when dishonored. On Feb. 24, Akio Toyoda, the CEO of Toyota, flew halfway across the planet to apologize in Washington: “When the cars are damaged, it is as though I am as well.” Right on! Everyone — grab the swords. It’s the 21st century. Anne

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