A Legal Exit Strategy for Roman Polanski

RedTracker| The headlines concern Polanski’s speaking out for the first tiem since his arrest in Switzerland.  However, the California Court of Appeals, in rejecting last week Polanski’s bid to have his 1977 child-sex prosecution dismisssed, outlined a path for him to end the long-running case without serving more time behind bars or returning to America, to face the justice system.

In a 3-0 runing, the 2nd District Court of Appeal suggested that Polanski ask to be sentenced in absentia for the statutory rape he admitted committing 32 years ago. This would allow the court and to evaluate the alleged judicial misconduct in the original handling of the case.The court said it ws confident that if the allegations were true, that Polanski case could be resolved, once and for all.

Legal experts were surprised but generally welcomes the hands-on direction of the court to bring a final conclusion to this long-standing matter. Anne

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