A Happy Life | Ideas vs Smiley Faces

DolceTracker| News of this small study Talk Deeply, Be Happy? via the NYTimes are important to us. We’ve long believed that engaging in meaningful conversation and studying ideas with an open-to-learn mind is an important element in living a happy life. 

‘Smart’ — especially talking about ideas — hasn’t been very popular in America’s culture. The acquisition of things has defined Americans, more than the expression of important ideas.

At Anne of Carversville, we believe this trend is changing with the evolution of Smart Sensuality women, and Cultural Creatives values in both sexes. Significant numbers of people do want to connect with ideas and learning. TED.com is a superb example of hearing the best minds in the world educate us in 20 minute presentations.

Today we share another new website NOWNESS, launched by Louis Vuitton, to elevate and expose the best of creativity, art, culture and global thinking.

Art and Culture | LVMH Launches NOWNESS