A Growing Old-Time Feminist Challenge to America's Younger Women

RedTracker| Writing for the Washington Post, Anne Kornblut shares Geraldine Ferraro’s frustration over her daughter’s post-feminist mentality. America’s younger women embrace the idea that the goals of feminism are won in America and there’s no need to support women political candidates or feminist concepts.

Femimisn is irrelevant. Oh really? Geraldine Ferraro recalls that she was furious with her daughter on election day 2008 in When young women don’t vote for women.

The emerging challenge is for younger American women to stop opinionating about women’s lives and defend the statistics. By  most quantifiable measures, American women are losing ground to European women (who have long been ahead) and select developing countries.

Talk is cheap. Could we have the facts please.

Growing numbers of American grandmothers are deeply concerned about their granddaughters’ futures.  Anne Kornblut’s book “Notes from the Cracked Ceiling” will be published this week.