A 70s Vibe? I'm Not Falling For It


Following yesterday’s Dots Tracking Alice | White Rabbits | Red Dolphins, I remain the devil’s advocate, saying all this 70s iconography is only magazine editorial in America.

I am remembering the pulsating psychedelic breast sculpture on my living room wall, a source of much mind-tripping and determination to improve the world, but nada … it’s too late for America to change our ways.

Still — fashion teases me with impressions of the past.

This morning we have Hana Soukupova by Regan Cameron in “Wall Flowers” for Allure, Feb 2010 via a new blog FASHIONOGRAPHY.

Hana Soukupova by Regan Cameron in ‘Wall Flowers’ for Allure Feb 2010

We’re living a long way from Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix in America, although I see that ‘Valleys of Neptune’ by Jimi Hendrix is available March 9, 2010.

Yes, yes Gordon Gekko is soon returning to Wall Street as some kind of savior. And indeed, yesterday’s New York State budget has such severe cuts for New York, that we will look like these 70s graffiti visuals, if we’re not careful.

Mind you, ‘reasonable’ poverty wasn’t totally bad. For certain, New York was more creative then.

Hana Soukupova by Regan Cameron in ‘Wall Flowers’ for Allure Feb 2010Bloomberg is better than Dinkins, to withstand this budget reduction onslaught where New York City is hit disproportionately in state budgets. It’s a bit like the US Senate, where little states govern big ones, where Wyoming is as important as California.

Bottom line, I’m not falling for it this time … all this social activism business. 

The possibility of America getting a social conscience like Europe or what young people are trying to create in India is best viewed through the lens of this Smirnoff Tea Partay video, which I adore and it’s true.

Gossip Girls, anyone? MWAH Anne

Tea Partay