4000 Year-Old Ying | Yang Sexual Symbolism Mummies

DolceTracker| While women were recast as decadent creatures responsible for the downfall of man further west in the desert, men and women enjoyed a robust, fertile celebration of life in China, 4000 years ago. Yes, this Chinese cemetery looks like a place of phallic worship, and it was. Don’t jump to conclusions. Mummified men were traveling into the heavens with vulva totems at their side. In fact, certain female mummies were the most glorified of all.

4000 years ago “The whole of the Small River Cemetery was blanketed with blatant sexual symbolism,” Dr. Mair wrote. In his view, the “obsession with procreation” reflected the importance the community attached to fertility. Read on Chinese Mummies Blanketed in Sexual Symbolism.