25% of Overweight American Woman Believe They Are Not

RoseTracker| In the complexity of America’s battle with obesity, scientists have uncovered another important consideration about why American women don’t take the need to lose weight seriously. Researchers working with Dr Mahbubur Rahman at the University of Texas report that Hispanic and African American women in particular, misperceive their body weight.

As American women (and men) have gained massive amounts of weight, compared to 30 years ago, obesity has become the new normal or the average in the minds of many women.

Before we load in all the politically-correct pressures, advanced by writers at websites like Jezebel (who we love on some subjects, but not on this topic); before we listen to women like Beth Ditto proclaim that her weight is healthy and should be celebrated as a positive role model; before we risk being ‘creamed’ as online writers for worrying about America’s obesity-related health problems; researchers tell us that simply stated, nearly 25 percent of American women who are overweight say they are not. Period. via Science Daily