Oscar Goes to AXE Knocking Off Victoria's Secret Angels Brilliantly

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OMG! The Phoenix is rising. First she fell to earth in Kanye West’s Runaway and now Axe has knocked off Victoria’s Secret’s Angels Anne style. Reading more, they knocked off VS awhile back in other countries, but I’ve never seen this commercial.

Update: A FB friend in Paris says she just saw the commercial on the big screen and described it as “very impressive.”

I’m starting to see an army of truly sensual phoenix angels falling to earth to clean up the testosterone-infused mess of a world we have on our hands.  Brands create an army of Angels to save men from themselves.

Come on Unilever. Bring it on!

Dove — also owned by Unilever — could tie in on this campaign.

Axe needs to compete with Old Spice, which has become a steamroller marketing campaign with Isaiah Mustafa. This is just the strategy to do it in the US.

Brands can support women at the same time — not by having us jumping out of helicopters ready to draw our rifles, but by being no-nonsense women throwing our crystal halos on the ground, saying ‘no more’.

This is the way Russell James sees Victoria’s Secret and a perfect contrast between Michael Bay and James, who I adore. No secret about that, and I want him back interpreting the brand in his vision. Note, James still works with VS but the Michael Bay vision rules the roost. Love, love, love this version of strong women so much better than women contributing to violence!!!!!!!

Having written these words, a Victoria’s Secret-Axe battle of angels could be great. VS had better step carefully. They could become devils quickly with Unilever money behind a more female-centric vision of 21st century angels. Anne

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