Lady Gaga Ignites Global Interest in Smell of Blood & Semen

Always the provocateur, Lady Gaga announced that her new 2012 Coty-produced fragrance, in development will smell of blood and semen.

Our first consideration was the health benefits of semen, but Lady Gaga has sworn off sex.

Perhaps Gaga is making a Madonna-style volley to Rome, an editorial extension of summer 2010’s ‘Alejandro’ video release, viewed by about 200 million people on YouTube (included in Anne’s article).

The intersections of men, religion, spirituality, sex, blood, war and the strong woman are key to Steven Klein’s themes generally and ‘Alejandro’ specifically.

An interest in blood and semen took us to Metallica’s cover artwork by Andres Serrano. After that, Anne was in liftoff. Read on in Sensually Yours: Will Lady Gaga’s Blood & Semen Fragrance Cause Vatican Censure?