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Is Australian fashion veering off in a new direction here? Military looks are always ‘hot’ in the summer and for transition into fall. Of course, we’re in the opposite season in Australia. Sarah Stephens by Carlotta Moye for Madison Magazine promotes a wholesome version of motherhood in their new issue. More photos Fashion Gone Rogue.

Perhaps the images caught me off guard, having watched the Chris Matthews MSNBC documentary ‘Rise of the New Right’ last evening.

We’ll extend this post after reading the reviews. From our point of view, the documentary read ‘true’.

In fact, I remember driving north out of Boulder, Colo in the late 90s and was stunned to find myself in an America so different from my own values. Hatred and venom filled the airwaves.

With all the talk about one nation under God, we are very different peoples in America. Anne of Carversville sits in the middle of the conversation. After all, I read Atlas Shrugged three times, and am as entrepreneurial and self-motivated as any human can be.

Crushed in this economic crisis, I also am reinventing myself and share the frustration of people reading that

My greatest concern watching ‘Rise of the New Right’ was my shared sympatico over government that doesn’t work — at the federal level and state level, too.

The exploding federal budget and entitlement plans run amok frighten me, too. But the notion that gunslingers and real American patriots want to run the country scares me even more than bureaucrats.

A Return to McCarthyism?

For all their talk of free speech, I believe that the Tea Party and Far Right Conservatives only seek it for their crowd. Guns will settle our differences, like in Tombstone. Artists and thinkers will be jailed. Even President Eisenhower was suspect for not being patriotic enough for the Far Right. 

This isn’t the Ayn Rand philosophy. In  Atlas Shrugged  Dagne’s entrepreneurial self-reliance wins in the end. Reality is that Glen Beck would put me in jail and throw away the key. I have no doubts. And I’m frightened to death about my beloved country.

For the moment at least, the documentary “Rise of the New Right” is on YouTube. And the feature also runs on MSNBC  ‘Rise of the New Right’ . Anne

Rise of the New Right Chris Matthews Part 1